UP, UP & Away!!!!!

‘Up up and away!!!!!’

Saturday 25th March is a date that will go down in CASA history as one of our biggest achievements. We have spent the last few days reflecting on our journey to this point and would like to share a comparison with you. Cast your minds back to Summer 2014. We held our first ever CASA Summer Schools in Southwick Community Primary School and Hetton Lyons Primary School. Lets set the scene for the performance: our cast were behind a piano that we blacked out with sheets, our audience were on squeaky benches that were slightly too small for tall people. We closed the blinds to create some atmosphere and opened the windows to allow some breeze - this lead to flapping blinds, a rattling serving hatch and squinting parents because we didn’t have any lights! Compare that to Saturday: comfortable seating, curtains, wings, lights, sound, costumes! What more could we ask for? Now lets talk about our students. We will always believe they are fantastic because they are! In summer 2014 they gave a brilliant performance, on Saturday they gave a brilliant performance, no matter what we ask them to do, they give 100%. Their passion inspires us just as we hope our passion inspires them. It is so satisfying to see them constantly improving and constantly striving to be the best they can be. They deserve to be in a theatre, they are worthy of a theatre and they will continue to perform in a theatre but we will always look back with fondness on the performance that started it all and remember that without the parents on squeaky benches and the cast behind the piano we would never have achieved what we did on Saturday. So here is to us, the CASA family, and to the future - the sky really is the limit!!

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