CASA Performing Arts Light Up Sunderland

When we applied to take part in the celebrations for Sunderland Illuminations we were hoping for an opportunity to showcase the talent within CASA and advertise ourselves to a brand new audience.

We were slightly daunted by the prospect of our performances as everything was brand new to us - we had never been on the bandstand, we didn't know the team that would be looking after us, all 3 schools were coming together for the first time and we had never taken our students out to perform to an audience that wasn't friends and family.....why did we worry?

From the moment they arrived our students were bonding and making new friends, our parents battled terrible traffic and cold weather to stand by our sides and cheer us on and the two performances we gave were outstanding! So many confident young performers in one place dancing and singing helped us to realise that CASA is becoming exactly what we dreamed it would be - access to performing arts for anyone! When the cast looked off the bandstand and saw the audience performing the 'Time Warp' with them, they must have felt such pride and gratitude for the support of everyone there. Our experience was a very special one and is logged in the memory bank as a very big occasion for CASA! So well done everyone and thank you!

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