Happy Half Term!

'Happy Half Term!'

When we started CASA, our aim was to enable children to access Performing Arts close to home and this week we have definitely achieved that! We spent the week with 76 incredibly talented performers in New Silksworth and Hetton, produced two very professional shows which we performed to packed audiences and created some wonderful memories. We are always in awe of our casts, our expectations are very high and we put a lot of emphasis on professional attitudes. Our casts this week surpassed themselves.

We are particularly proud of last week as we worked with not only our biggest cast, but our largest age group. Our youngest performer in New Silksworth was 5 years old and our oldest was 13! To see the wonderful friendships forming was a particular highlight. The rehearsal process was a very hectic one and the two days went by very quickly but watching the wonderfully energetic performance brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Our Hetton group continue to develop their performance skills and this week saw them adding comedy to their repertoire! There were laughs aplenty as they introduced their audience to an array of fabulously colourful characters. Their show was slick, professional and filled with laughter.

We are so proud of every single performer who gave 100% to CASA Performing Arts last week. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful week!

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