A Pudding for the Chimney Sweep

A Pudding for the Chimney Sweep - its a sell out!

Friday 11th December 2015

Last night our Saturday school students were exceptional. We are in awe. Over the last term, we have been working on a lovely Christmas story and we were fortunate enough to be invited to perform at Hetton Methodist Chapel. To prepare for an audience in a venue you are used to working in is pressure enough but to perform in a venue you have never worked in before with only one rehearsal is extremely hard. Not for our students. They did not bat an eyelid and performed an absolute gem of a show to yet another standing room only audience. Up until now, our audience has been mainly friends and family but last night we had some new audience members to impress and boy did we! They have already requested another show in 2016!! Our pride levels are through the roof and we hope that you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Have a fantastic Christmas and a we wish you a wonderful 2016. We can’t wait to get started!

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